• The purpose of Brevard County's school music education program is to develop within students a lasting enjoyment and appreciation of music, to provide an opportunity for students to develop a sense of personal accomplishment, and to allow students to develop skills that can enrich their adult lives or lead to careers in music.


    The objectives for students in the music program are:

    • To make music alone and with others.
    • To improvise and create music.
    • To use the vocabulary and notation of music on the most skilled level possible.
    • To respond to music aesthetically, intellectually and emotionally.
    • To identify diverse musical styles and genres.
    • To identify the role music has played and continues to play in the life of mankind.
    • To make aesthetic judgements based on critical listening and analysis.


    As students participate in organized musical activities, they learn cooperation and an awareness of their role in community and society. This awareness can lead students to appreciate not only their own culture, but also others around the world. Students' lives can be enriched by the intellectual meaning and enjoyment that the unique qualities of music afford.


    Critical thinking skills and problem solving techniques developed from musical experiences can transfer easily into daily life. The self-discipline and creativity fostered through music can benefit not only students but society in general.


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