•  To all the 6th grade students,


    Abdul, Rashid, Roshan, Jackson, Twisha, Wyatt, Courtland, Nadia, Chandler, Nace, Dawson, Jack, John, Manya, Calleigh, Delilah, Jacob, Amelia, Elle, Raj, Dylan, Mac, Madison, Ismayil, Emory, Ty, Gavin, Abigail, Meghana, Jasmine, Hope, Hunter, Ella, Ayman, Zainab, Kira, Kami, Marley, Colby, Griffin, Madelyn, Willow, Elena, Lucas, Dhru, Jaelynn, Alice, Amanda, Ethan, Luke, Chloe, Janay, Andrea, Colby, Sharanya, Sammy, Jack, Hryday, Nikhil, Syndey, Madalyn, Zakkary, Reese, Shreya, Eddie, Jude, Leslie, Xavier, Jordan, Jayden, Naomi, Adrian, Jerry, Meagan, Evan, Avanelle, Victoria, Brad, Ruby, Simran, Siddharth, Hlla, Enzo, and Makenzie...


    "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." Dr. Seuss

    We had many great moments in PE class which are now memories.  Think of your favorite moment that you had in PE and hold on to that as your personal WMSS PE memory.


    Good luck as you move forward.  I will always remember the great moments we all had in class.


    Mr. Siegal


    Also, a huge THANK YOU to all of the PE helpers.  Calleigh, Kira, Amelia, Gavin, Colby, Dawson, and Ty.  You guys were a big help with getting all of the equipment set throughout the year.  



    CLICK HERE for the Brevard County Physical Education Web Page


    Monday May 18th, 2020 Week 8 


    Pool and Beach Safety - Stay near a lifeguard and always be with a parent or an adult near the pool or the beach.  Use a flotation device as needed.  Stay in the shallow end of the pool or only go knee deep at the beach. Check the weather report before going outside and the conditions of the ocean.  Check which of the flags the lifeguard has raised for conditions of the ocean.  Remember, purple means sea creatures are near.

    Bike Safety - Always wear a helmet and bright clothes when riding your bike.  Stay on the right side of the road or use the sidewalks.  Obey all traffic signals and ride single file.  Always check your bike before riding.  Check the tires, chain, seat, and handle bars before riding.  

    Lightning and Thunder - If you hear thunder and see lightning, it is time to go inside a building until the storm has passed.  Never stand under a tree for shelter.  

    Suncreen Safety - Always use suncreen when outside especially during the peak hours of 10am to 4pm when unprotected skin is most likely to get the brunt of the ultraviolet rays.  Always use a suncreen with a high rated SPF (Sun Protection Factor). 

    Stay Hydrated - Drink water and non sugary drinks to stay hydrated.  If you plan on being out in the heat of the day, drink before you go, oterwise you might get dehydrated.

    Using these precautions can help you to stay safe during the upcoming outdoor months.  Stay Safe!


    Monday May 11th, 2020 Week 7

    K-2 PE - Tumbling and Beginner Gymnastics Skills - Last week, you were introduced to some basic movements to help with coordination, flexibility, and muscle building with the log roll, pencil roll, army crawl, leap frog, and bear walk.

    This weeks movements include the seal walk, walrus slide, inch worm, and everyone's favorite...the EGG ROLL!

    Continuing from last week - #6 Seal Walk - lying flat on your belly facing forward, push your upper body off of the ground and lock your elbows while keeping your hips near the ground.  Your back should be bent and you should be upright like a seal.   Using upper body strength while staying up off of the ground, pull yourself forward as the rest of your body slides on the ground very similar to a seal using its flippers to move itself forwards. You must stay up off of the ground the entire time. #7 Walrus Slide - this has a similar start like the seal walk and has the same look to a seal walk, but during the walrus slide you will need to let your body go back to the ground after you move forward everytime.  You will be pushing up every time before moving forward and then going back to the ground each time.  This is very similar to performing a push up to get to that up position before sliding forwards like a walrus. #8 Inch Work - lying flat on your stomach with your arms extended out like superman flying in the sky, you will use stomach muscle strength and flexibility as you bring your knees underneath your belly and touch your knees to your chin.   This is very similar to a tuck position.  Your body is tucked tighty like and inch work.  Once you are in the tuck position, slowly slide smoothly forward back to the flat position.  You shoud have moved forward like an inchworm.  Repeat this process until you have moved across your play area.  #9 Egg Roll - Lying on your back and facing sideways, get in the tuck position. Once you are in the tuck position roll slowly sideways.  Keep your tuck position by grasping your hands together, otherwise you may break open your egg and spill your yoke.  Pay carefull attention to your body and how you control it.  The goal is to roll straight without bumping into objects as you move.  Have a great week!

    3-6 PE - PE-Opoly Exercise Board GameThis week you need the following items:  large piece of paper/cardboard for a game board, dice, exercise space, and previous knowledge of PE the past two weeks in reference to exercising with the letters of the alphabet.

    Create a game board by using the exercises of the alphabet that you participated in the past two weeks. Have a start, a finish, several advance or go back spaces, free spaces, go to jail space, just visiting jail space, and 26 landing areas with the exercises listed in the space for you to participate in once you land in the space.  This is just like a very popular game everyone has played, instead of using railroads, and properties, we are using exercises.  Once you create the game board, play the game with friends or by yourself.  Scroll down for the past two weeks of 3-6 PE lessons in case you can't think of an exercise to use for a landing space.  Space #1 right after the start would be (A) Accelerate - which means to start slow and speed up to a sprint.  Got the hang of it?  Take a picture of your game board and email it to me.  Keep your game board and use it all summer on those rainy days or days when you can't think of anything to do.  I can't wait to hear from you on how well your game turns out.  


    Monday May 4th, 2020 - Week 6

    K-2 PE - Tumbling and Beginner Gymnastics Skills - This week, you will need to find a soft and safe place to exercise.  You will be performing 5 movements on the ground, so a hard floor surface is not allowed.  

    #1 - Log Roll - with your arms to your side, roll sideways like a log with no branches.  #2 - Pencil Roll - with your arms raised up and your hands together above your head, roll sideways like a pencil.  Which one is easier? Try rolling in both directions, right and left and find out which way you can roll straighter with better body control.   

    #3 - Army Crawl - lying on the ground with your body facing forwards, use your elbows to pull yourself forward (no pushing with your kness)and crawl like a soldier in the military pretending you are sneaking up on the enemy.  Stay low, you might be going under barbed wire. This is a great exercise for using those upper body arm, shoulder, and chest muscles as you crawl along the ground.  

    #4 - Leap Frog - with your hands and feet all on the the ground like a frog, jump from a squatted low position as high as you can into the air and then land without moving as your feet touch the ground.  Pretend you have glue on your feet when you land...in other words - stick to the ground when landing.  How many times will it take you to "stick the landing" without moving a foot or both feet?

    #5 - Bear Walk - standing straight up, slowly reach your hands down to the ground and place your hands flat on the ground without bending your knees.  Slowly walk forward in this position as this resembles a bear walking.  What type of bear are you?  Polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear, teddy bear, yogi bear?  This is a great exercise to practice flexibility which is the ability to bend and stretch.  

    Next week - 4 more tumbling and beginner gymnastics movements.  See you then!


    3-6 PE - Action Word Exercise and Health Challenge  - Letters N-Z - Slight Update - You may use a phrase that involves the letter if needed.  

    Here are the action words or phrases for this week - Navigate (in a maze), Oblique exercise (twist your upper body), Plank for 30 seconds, Quad training with deep knee bends, Reverse Curl-up by lifting legs, Sumo Squats, Throw an object, Upper body workout like push ups, V-sit for ab strength, Wall sit, X-ercise with jumping jacks that resemble an X, Yoga, and Zumba.  Feel free to use your own words or phrases for the letters N-Z and if you like go back to last week and perform those exercises as well.  Remember, use your creative mind.  


    Monday April 27th Week 5 

    K-2 PE - Hitting a ball with an object (baseball bat, pickleball or ping pong paddle, golf club with a plastic golf ball, badminton with a birdie or tennis racquet with a tennis ball, croquet malet)  Using hand and eye coordination, swing an object listed above and attempt to hit a ball.  As discussed in PE, use your favorite hand in the correct position for a best result!  Personal space is a must, therefore being outside is best suited for this lesson.  If you are by yourself with a paddle or a racquet, bounce the ball on the ground or tap the ball in the air and count how many times you are successful.  If you are hitting with a baseball bat, golf club, or malet you will need to go to an open area to practice.  Make sure you watch the ball until the hit, otherwise....WHIFF!  Have fun :)

    3-6 PE - Action Word Exercise and Health Challenge - This activity is a two week challenge.  For every letter in the alphabet, I have provided an action word for you to accomplish.  For instance, for the letter A, the challenge is Accelerate from a slow speed to a fast speed for 20 steps.  The rest of the letters are listed below.  If you can think of a different action word instead of the one I have provided, feel free to do both!  

    Here are the letters and action words for week one which represent the first 13 letters of the alphabet:  Accelerate, Bounce, Catch, Dribble, Eat (fruit or vegetable), Flee, Gallop, Hit (a ball), Increase (number of push-ups and curl-ups), Jog, Kick, Leap, March.  Perform each action word for a certain amount of time (30 seconds or a minute) or for a certain amount of times (10 times, 20 times, or 30 times).  This is a challenge for exercise, health, and vocabulary knowledge, so make it interesting for yourself by being creative in your actions.  Next week, letters N-Z.


    Monday April 20th, 2020 - Week 4

    K-2 PE Jumping and Landing - Using a jump rope, a hop scotch area drawn with chalk, a long sidewalk, or even your driveway, practice your jumping and landing.  Jumping and landing can be accomplished several different ways.  2 feet to 2 feet (jumping a rope), 2 feet to 1 foot (hopscotch), 1 foot to 2 feet (leaping across an object), 1 foot to the same foot (hopping), and 1 foot to the opposite foot (hurdle crossing).  Make sure to have personal space or hold on to a sturdy object for balance if needed.

    3-6 PE Sports Specific/Activity Specific Practice - Think of your favorite sport or activity (yoga, soccer, lacrosse, running, basketball, etc.). If that sport or activity needs equipment to play, you probably have those items already.  If no equipment is needed, then you are ready to go!  Practice as you usually do as much as you can, but if that gets boring, train for your sport or activity using the skill and health components of fitness discussed in PE class.  (skill - agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, speed) and (health - cardio fitness, flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength)

    Example - For the sport of volleyball, you could practice bumping/passing a ball to yourself either in the air or one bounce rule in effect for the skill aspect of using balance and reaction time.  You could practice some deep knee bends for the health aspect using muscular strength and muscular endurance as you completed 20 deep knee bends.  

    Think of what is needed in your sport or activity to get you to the next level by asking your coach, parents, or even emailing me with questions about what to do.  Get going and have fun :)

    Please visit weeks 1-3 below for activities as well.  Have a great week!


    Monday April 13th, 2020 - Week 3 FITNESS BOARD GAME

    K-2 and 3-6 PE Fitness Board Game on the Brevard School Physical Education Web Page - Just above this you will see CLICK HERE highlighted in blue.  Please click that and proceed to the Brevard County Public Schools district web page for Elementary Physical Education.  Scroll down a bit and you will see two different pages for a fitness board game in week 3.  Please select the appropriate page according to your grade level for the week 3 PE lesson. This workout will incorporate some of the health components of fitness.  (muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardio-fitness)

    Review a previous lesson from week 1 or week 2 - You are allowed to review any lessons from previous weeks.  Scroll down a bit to find the week 2 lessons and farther down you will find the week 1 lessons.  

    Have a great week and keep sending those pictures to my school email account!  


    Monday April 6th, 2020 - Week 2

    K-2 PE Obstacle Course Achievement - Create your own obstacle course!  Using pathways (straight, curvy, zig zag), speeds (fast run, medium jog, slow walk) and levels (high, medium, low)  create an obstacle course like the one that we exercised in during PE class using items found around your house or yard.  Here are some suggestions on creating your own obstacle course:  Instead of the tunnel, find an old box to crawl through.   Instead of the hoops that we used for our curvy hoops maze, use the hose in your yard to create a curvy maze, similar to a capital letter S.  Instead of the cones that we used for our zig zag cone maze, use some empty two liter bottles or empty cans and place about 6 feet apart and zig and zag like a capital letter Z.  For the hurdles to run and jump over, run and jump across the sidewalk or place two objects on the ground about 3 feet apart to run and jump across.  For balance, draw a balance beam on the sidewalk with chalk or find a sidewalk crack to walk across with your arms out.  Set up the course yourself and complete about 20 minutes of exercise or count your laps. Have fun!

    3-6 PE Warm-up routine with YOU being the leader!  Perform the warm-up routine with or without music!  Can't remember it?  Here it is!   32 Side steps, 32 jumping jacks, 16 forward arm circles and 16 backward arm circles, stretch down to the ground (no knee bend) for 10 seconds and then stretch all the way up for 10 seconds, 32 scissor splits, and 32 half-twist turn and jumps to finish.  

    3-6 PE Health Components of Fitness Log Sheet for Fitness Test Conditioning- Create a Monday-Friday log sheet to stay on track with our conditioning we were practicing in PE class.  By the way, we were at 20 curl-ups, 20 push-ups (10 and 10), 16 pacer laps (8 second interval), sit and reach, and trunk lift as needed.  

    3-6 PE Basketball Graduation - If you are lucky enough to have a basketball hoop and a basketball, play basketball graduation.  Use chalk, pencil, or use anything to make a mark on the ground to create the numbers starting at 1 and ending at 12.  Draw a star on the ground for the 3-point shot to be a superstar.  Once finished, count how many shots it takes from start to finish and then try to beat your personal best record in the next game.  

    3-6 PE Recreational Games of Sport and Leisure - Search those closets and garages for a sport or a game of leisure to occupy yourself.  Games include, cornhole (a beanbag toss game to a target), horseshoes, badminton, bocce ball, or frisbee.  These games only take two people and are a great way to pass the time and still get outside and have some skillfull fun.  Don't remember what bocce ball was from PE class? Google the rules. Don't have a bocce ball set?  Use tennis balls or even marbles and play, its just that simple.  

    See you next week with some more ideas, meanwhile have fun!


    Monday March 30th - Week 1

    K-2 PE Turtle Tag - You will need at least 2 people to play this very fun and easy tag game that has elements of chasing, fleeing, dodging, running, jogging, tagging, and a little bit of strategy. One person is the tagger and the rest of the players are the turtles.  Taggers try to tag the turtles. If a turtle is tagged, the turtle lies upside down for 5 seconds before getting back up or can be helped up by another turtle who is still in the game.  If a turtle is about to get tagged, the turtle can hide in its own shell by getting on hands and knees for no more than 3 seconds.  Change taggers and turtles as needed.  All students in grades K-2 have played this game this year and it was FUN!  Be safe during this game by finding a safe space to play.

    K-2 PE Toss, Bounce, Catch - Don't have a partner or partners to play turtle tag?  You can play this game by yourself with any type of ball.  This activity involves hand-eye coordination, which was the exact concept we were working on in T-Ball before our vacation.  In an underhand motion, toss the ball above your head, the higher the better, let the ball bounce on the ground one time, and then try to catch with either one hand or two!  Count how many times you are successful.  My record is 18 times in a row.  Who can beat me?  I may need proof...email me a picture of yourself performing the task to my school email address or email me the total number of completed catches written on a piece of paper along with the ball you used.  I may even post it to the school Facebook page.


    3-6 PE Student Choice Work with the Components of Fitness  -  Now that everyone is familiar with Health and Skill Components of Fitness, HEALTH (flexibility, cardio-fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance) and SKILL (agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, speed) you will be choosing one component from each category and practicing that for the week. Example: I am choosing flexibility and coordination.  For flexibility I will be performing sit and reach and trunk lift practice 10 times each every day (fitness testing) and for coordination I will be using my racket with a ball and bouncing the ball on the racket in the driveway for 30 minutes.  

    Other examples: practice cardio-fitness by running back and forth like the pacer test, practice balance by performing deep knee bends with a wide stance, practice reaction time by dribbling a soccer ball by yourself or passing a soccer ball with a partner.  Be creative in your quest for getting some much needed exercise in and if you like, take a picture of yourself in action and email it to my school email address!