• West Shore proudly announces our 2022-2023 School Volunteers of the Year! They will be celebrated during the January 25, 2022  ABC Awards Gala at the Radisson Resort. 


    Student Volunteer of the Year-Madison Uhlmeyer

    Madison exemplifies civic responsibility. Through her dedication to community service, she has been a volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul directly assists the working poor and homeless in the community.  At the Food Pantry, she assembles standard bags of food and also assembles bags with specific requested items. At the Thrift Shop, she helps each person find items they need.  She also helps set up families with assistance in paying rent and utilities. It takes a special person to choose to volunteer in the ways Madison volunteers.  Since she was 12 years old, she has been working with people in the community.


    Adult Volunteer of the Year-Tannya Simms

    Tannya began volunteering with the West Shore PTA in 2017 by creating and maintaining the PTA Facebook page. She then joined the PTA Governing Board for the 2018-2019 school year as the Social Media Coordinator. Tannya serves tirelessly in promoting West Shore and keeping the PTA Facebook page current with important messages from the school. Tannya’s expertise with social media was invaluable to the Wildcat community during COVID-19. Her efforts resulted in helping our school communicate critical information to our families. In fact, many parents from other school communities have commented to the administration that they were thankful for the social media posts as it helped to keep them informed as well.

    Senior Volunteer of the Year- Nancy Goodier

    Mrs. Nancy Goodier has been an instrumental volunteer for the West Shore band program over the past several years. Her help has especially made a difference as the program endured band director changes and challenges coming out from the pandemic. She originally came in to volunteer while her granddaughter was in the band program. While she is on campus, she helps to file the numerous pages of sheet music that each band class uses for each concert. Her years of experience in band allows her to quickly understand the music scores, parts, and instruments and sort them as needed. Her experience also lends her the ability to quickly help with instrumental issues, should it be a stuck key on a Tuba, or a broken reed. Her help makes it so that the band director can continue rehearsing the band with minimal down time when an instrument problem should arise. She provides words of encouragement to beginners and words of wisdom to the most dedicated students.