Welcome Students

  • Important Information for Class of 2020!

    Jostens will be on campus March 12-13th to deliver caps/gowns and other graduation supplies.  If you have not received an invoice with the balance due by March 1st, you will need to call Jostens directly to get your information.  321-242-2055.  Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


    Frequently asked questions: 

    What time will they be here?

    Thursday, March 12: 11:49-12:53

    Friday, March 13: 11:10-12:14

    How do I pay for my supplies?


    1. Cash/money order in person
    2. Call and pay over the phone
    3. On line instructions are on the invoice

    What if I don’t get my things on March 12-13th?

    No problem!  You can always pay and pick up later, but you will need to go to their office in Melbourne.  They will not be back on campus to deliver.


    1316 Berri Patch Lane

    Melbourne, FL  32935

    What if I ordered items that I no longer want?

    Easy fix!  Call Jostens BEFORE March 6th and they can adjust your order and give you a new balance.

    What if I just need a tassel?

    No problem, call Jostens BEFORE March 6th and they will bring one for you on the 12/13th.

    Yikes! What if I never ordered ANYTHING???

    No problem, call Jostens BEFORE March 6th and they will work out a plan for you.

    Yikes!  What I don’t know what I ordered?  How do I make sure I have what I need? Did I even order anything for graduation?

    You should receive an invoice before March 1st with your order details on it.  If you don’t receive an invoice, you will need to call them before March 6th to find out your order status.

    I’m early admissions, I don’t have any classes at CHS.  How do I get my things?

    You do not have class on Friday.  You will need to make plans to be at CHS during lunch (11:10-12:14).  Be sure to check in through the front office.  If you can’t pick up on this day, you will need to visit Jostens in Melbourne to retrieve your order.  Jostens will not be back on CHS campus.  

    Is it too late to get customized orders?