Dual Enrollment Orientations

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to Campus and high school closures associated with the COVID-19 emergency, all in-person dual enrollment and collegiate high school orientations have been canceled. EFSC is now offering an online Dual Enrollment Orientation for all first-time dual enrollment and collegiate high school students who are completing the admissions process.

    To complete the Online Dual Enrollment/Collegiate High School Orientation:
    1. Log into the myEFSC portal*
    2. Find the EFSC Student Applications section (See screenshot below)
    3. Click the down arrow on the Applications menu; scroll to "Dual Enrollment Student Orientation" and click "Launch"
    4. Read the information carefully and answer the questions correctly at the end of each section to move forward in the presentation.
    5. When you have completed all sections, click the Sign Out button.
    6. E-mail Mrs. Fenech at Fenech.Allison@brevardschools.org once orientation is completed.


    *You must complete the EFSC online application prior to attending orientation.

Dual Enrollment Orientation screenshot

Important Documents