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    Brevard Public Schools recognizes and respects a parent’s right to choose Home Education as a valid option for the educational requirements of their child(ren).  We seek to maintain a positive relationship with parents choosing the Home Education option through mutual understanding and effective communication. 


    A Home Education Program, as defined in section 1002.01, Florida Statutes, is the sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his/her parent(s) or guardian in order to satisfy the requirements of Section 1002.41, 1003.01(4), and 1003.21(1).  Home Education allows the freedom to explore and to learn at the pace of the individual student.  Parents who provide instruction to their children at home are requested and encouraged to read carefully and comply with all of the state statutes and regulations governing the operation of a Home Education Program.  Link for Home Education State Statutes: http://www.fldoe.org/schools/school-choice/statutes-rules.stml 

    The parent/guardian who assumes responsibility for educating a child at home also has the responsibility for providing curriculum, education material, and evaluations necessary to determine student progress.  The school system does not supply texts, curriculum guides, education standards, or diplomas for the home educated student. 

    Procedures and Guidelines for the Home Education Parent:

    1. Florida Statute 1002.41 requires that a parent notify the District Superintendent in writing of their intent to initiate and maintain a Home Education Program. Please submit your Notice of Intent to HomeEducation@brevardschools.org  
    2. Upon receipt of the original intent, the Home Education office will send through US mail, an enrollment Verification Letter to the address provided.
    3. It is important that current address on file be kept up-to-date by utilizing the Change of Address Form.
    4. Parent is responsible for maintaining a portfolio for two years.  This portfolio must be available for review by the superintendent or designee upon a 15-day written notice.
    5. An annual evaluation for each child must be received in the Home education office in order to maintain compliance in the program.
    6. At any time the student moves out of Brevard County or completes the Home Education program, a Termination Notice needs to be completed and sent to the Home Education office for recordkeeping purposes.  Upon termination, the student must be enrolled in a valid educational program (public school, private school, another district home education program) if they are of compulsory school attendance age (6-16 yrs). 

    If you have any questions, please send us an email at: HomeEducation@brevardschools.org

    Virtual School:

    Brevard Public School Home Education students may enroll in Brevard Virtual School (BVS) in grades K– 12 and in Florida Virtual School (FLVS) in grades K-12.  Both programs are tuition free and all courses are taught by state-certified, highly qualified instructors. Virtual schools reserve the right to deny enrollment when a student has committed an expellable offense.

    • BVS is our district's local virtual school providing full and part-time instruction in grades K-12. BVS is a franchise of FLVS, utilizing the same high-quality content and operating system, taught by local Brevard teachers. For more information about BVS please visit their webpage: https://www.brevardschools.org/brevardvirtual or call 321-350-8600.
    • FLVS is the state level virtual school, serving students in K-12 throughout Florida.  All FLVS teachers are Florida certified and reside within the state. For more information about FLVS please visit their webpage at: https://www.flvs.net/ or call 1-800-374-1430. 



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    Athletics: Parents of non-traditional students who wish to participate in a sport at a school for which they are not zoned, per FHSAA Bylaw 9.2, must follow Brevard’s controlled open enrollment process and apply via our ELO (www.eic.brevardschools.org)  procedure within stated deadlines.  In the parent comment section, please notate the student is a non-traditional student who would like participate in athletics. For other questions regarding athletics, please visit the district's student activities website


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