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Senior Graduation Information

Dear Parents of a Bayside Senior:

We are rapidly approaching the end of what has been a very challenging, yet successful school year.  Although hard to believe, Bayside’s next graduation is almost upon us.  We are extremely proud of the many successes and resiliency of our students, especially the Class of 2021.  They have continued to serve as student leaders, carrying on the traditions set by previous classes despite the barriers they have faced.   Thank you for choosing Bayside and allowing us to educate your wonderful children.

 As graduation time draws near, I want to share some important information with you and your families so that you may prepare for this memorable event.


1.  Graduation will be held on Friday, May 28, 2021, at the Bayside Stadium.  It will begin promptly at 7:00 pm and should last approximately 1-1.5 hours.  We are planning a meaningful, dignified and reverent ceremony for the Class of 2021 and their families.  Therefore, we kindly ask for your assistance in ensuring that there be no use of air horns or loud noise makers of any kind so that all graduates receive the recognition they deserve.

2.  Dress for seniors should include one of the following:

a.  A dress of appropriate length as compared to the graduation gown, cap with tassel, graduation gown, and dress shoes (no stilettos or pointed heals as they can be a safety concern!)

b.  Dark slacks and a light-colored shirt, preferably white, with a tie, cap with tassel, graduation gown, dress shoes and dress socks.NOTE:  Students will receive their honor cords during the Senior Awards Program.  Cords are gold-teal for 4.0 GPA’s weighted and higher and silver-teal for 3.5 GPA’s weighted and higher.

3.  Admission to graduation will be by ticket only through invitation of the graduates and their families.  Because of fire code rules, everyone, including infants and children, whether or not they sit separately in a seat or are held by parents, must have a ticket.  Each graduate will receive a maximum of 4 tickets. There are no reserved seats; open seating only.  Seniors are encouraged to check with other classmates for additional tickets.  The guidance office will need to know in advance of any disability seating requirements, so school officials may make arrangements.  Provided all obligations have been met, tickets will be distributed to seniors May 24th and May 25th during lunches.  Seniors who are eLearners may come to pick up their tickets between 8:00 -11:00 am or 2:00-4:00 pm on either day.  Each senior will have to sign for the tickets.  Friends may not pick up tickets for each other.

4.  Everyone in attendance MUST WEAR A MASK.  Anyone who is not wearing a mask will not be permitted to enter the stadium.  All attendees are expected to have their own mask.

5.  During the graduation ceremony, Grad Images (Photography) will be taking a close-up photo of the graduate receiving their diploma cover from the Principal.  They are also planning to take a snapshot of the graduate in cap and gown after they receive the diploma as they walk the concourse area before returning to their seat.  There is no obligation by parents or students to purchase these photos.  The photographer will work directly with parents on any products offered.

6.  As a result of COVID restrictions, we did not take the Senior Panoramic Photo (nor was a drone photo feasible with the number of seniors).  However, Grad Images will create a Photo Collage of the Class of 2021 in their caps and gowns.  Following graduation, this photo will be available for purchase via  Again, there is no obligation for parents or students to purchase the photo. 

7.  Unfortunately, because of our COVID restrictions, we will not be having graduation practice for seniors this year.  However, our guidance department will be creating a video to share with students over the announcements and will have it available to view from home regarding what our graduation will looks like and what you need to know. 

 8.  All senior exams will take place on May 24 and 25, 2021, during the regular school day.  This is before the exam schedule for students in grades 9-11.  Graduates do not return to school after May 25, except for extenuating circumstances.  Regular attendance is required for all classes on the senior exam days.  The senior exam schedule is as follows:

Monday, May 24, blocks 1 and 3

Tuesday, May 25, blocks 2 and 4            

Semester exams are required for all courses!

  9.  It is imperative that all fines and financial obligations incurred this year (or in past years) are resolved prior to Friday, May 14, 2021.  Diplomas will be held for any student who still has a financial obligation to the school.  As done in all schools, students will only receive a diploma cover on stage during the graduation ceremony.  Diplomas will be distributed after the ceremony.  Diploma distribution is contingent on the following:

  1. Students have paid all school fines, library fines, fees, or other financial obligations;
  2. Students have returned all library books, textbooks, laptops and other required materials;
  3. Students have completed the graduation ceremony in an appropriate manner exhibiting dignity, respect, and proper behavior (cell phones are turned off during the ceremony). 

10.  Students are not permitted to participate in graduation if all Brevard County Graduation Requirements have not been met prior to graduation, including attendance requirements.  

11.  The Senior Academic Awards Program is scheduled for Monday, May 12, 2021, during the school day in Bayside’s Auditorium.  The program is planned to start at approximately 10:30 am.  Due to COVID restrictions, administration and guidance will recognize seniors and the ceremony will be live streamed.  The streaming will also be posted on our website for any parent who may not be able to watch the event live. 

12.  The deadline to notify guidance (Ms. Davidson) of any academic awards or scholarships your student has earned, whether or not the student is accepting the scholarship, is April 27, 2021 by 3:30 pm.  Total scholarship earnings will be announced at graduation and guidance will create a scholarship presentation that will be scrolled on the announcements and posted to the website. 

13.  Seniors are reminded that any and all volunteer and community service hours should be completed and verified no later than graduation day

14.  On the day of graduation, seniors are to report to the school no later than 5:30 pm.  The stadium will open at 6:00 pm for guests with tickets.  No one will be admitted without a ticket.  Administration will share further information with all seniors and their families regarding parking and traffic as we approach graduation. Thank you for your continued support of Bayside and for your patience with regard to the planning of this event.  I am sure we will be making various adjustments in the coming months. The Class of 2021 is very special and they will never cease to amaze me.  Despite COVID, they have taught me that resiliency and perseverance command success.  I am honored to serve as your principal and preside over your on-time graduation.  Thank you for choosing Bayside – your home, your family!!Respectfully, Bayside High School


Holli Zander, Principal

Bayside High School