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West Shore's Heightened Sense of Awareness

Dear West Shore Parents: 

Due to the heightened sense of awareness that we all need to be under given schools being identified as “soft targets” by potential intruders it is critical that parents and students be aware of certain school and student safety protocols that have been put in place for the current school year.  The Brevard Public Schools (BPS) has designed a set of strategic goals to insure the Safe, Healthy and Productive work and learning environment for your students.


The following procedure has been established for identifying and monitoring visitors on campus: 

  •  Check-in at Front Office
  •  Your Identity will be confirmed
  •  Disclose your purpose and have it validated
  •  Badge issued
  •  Escorted as appropriate / teacher notified
  •  Check-out with Front Office 

Please contact the Front Office at 321-242-4730 if you have any questions. 


Rick Fleming, Principal
West Shore Jr./Sr. High School