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Dr. Rendell Meets with the Children's Hunger Project

For nearly 4,000 children in Brevard County, once they leave school for the weekend on Friday afternoon, they won’t receive their next meal until Monday morning when they arrive at school for breakfast. 


Fortunately, due to the invaluable assistance of the Children’s Hunger Project, elementary school children in Brevard County are supplied with dedicated weekend food packages on a weekly basis.


Superintendent Dr. Mark Rendell engaged in a conversation with the Children’s Hunger Project, advocating for the eradication of child hunger in Brevard County.


“A lot of our families depend on us for that basic nutritional need, but we can’t provide that over the weekend. So the Children’s Hunger Project fills in that gap. The Children’s Hunger Project meets a need that Brevard Public Schools can’t over the weekend. We are really appreciative of everything that the Children’s Hunger Project does,” Dr. Rendell remarked. 


In June, Dr. Rendell, accompanied by School Board members, volunteered at the Children’s Hunger Project. They participated in the assembly line, where they packaged food items destined for distribution among children and families in need.


Cheryl Cominsky, the executive director of the Children’s Hunger Project, emphasized the significance of having unwavering support from Brevard Public Schools, especially from the superintendent. "It is important that we have the support from Brevard Public Schools and especially the superintendent to understand the impact of what we’re doing and to be onboard with what we’re doing," she noted.


Volunteer your time or contribute to the Children's Hunger Project today. Together, we can ensure that no child in Brevard County goes hungry. Your support matters – whether through hands-on volunteering or donations, every action counts. Let's work towards a hunger-free future for our community.


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Posted 8.28.23