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Brevard Boundless Opportunity Grant Unveiled at Florida Tech

Viera, FL -- The purpose of the Brevard Boundless Opportunity Grant is to make Florida Tech more accessible for high-achieving Brevard County students with unmet financial needs.


The Brevard Boundless Opportunity Grant provides eligible Brevard County (Florida) students with additional funds in the amount of the difference between tuition and fees and the student's other gift assistance (including merit-based university and state scholarships). With this grant, an eligible Brevard County student who enrolls at Florida Tech will owe the university zero dollars for tuition and fees.


To receive this grant as part of a comprehensive financial aid package, a student must:


Reside in Brevard County, Florida

Complete the FAFSA and be Federal Pell Grant eligible

Qualify for the Florida Academic Scholarship or the Florida Medallion Scholarship (Bright Futures)

Apply and be admitted to Florida Tech by May 1