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Tops in the World: Rockledge High Graduate Aces Her AICE Exams

Rockledge, FL -- This week Rockledge High School honored Charity Mugge, a 2023 graduate, for her top ranking in the Cambridge program. 


At the end of each school year, the students in the Cambridge program take their AICE exams. The exams are shipped to England where examiners from Cambridge International Education assess them.
Each of the exams is worth a certain number of points. A Cambridge Scholar Award with merit is given to students who earn at least a "B" or higher on at least 3 different Cambridge exams in the same testing session.
Charity Mugge earned this award with the exams she took in June 2023. 
In addition, Charity has the distinction of also having earned the "Top in the World Award" from Cambridge for the score she earned on her A-Level Thinking Skills exam.
Charity achieved the highest score in the world on the A-Level Thinking Skills exam. This is exactly what it sounds like. She scored the best out of all the students around the world who took the exam in June 2023!
Posted 2/23/24