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School Board Approves Year-Round School Calendar for Challenger 7 Elementary

The next school year will mean new clothes, new school supplies, and a new schedule for students attending Challenger 7 Elementary School in Port St. John.


During Tuesday’s meeting, the school board approved plans for Challenger 7 to become a year-round school as part of the Florida Department of Education’s pilot plan.


Challenger 7 will be the only BPS school to modify its school calendar, and the changes will take effect for the 2024-2025 school year.


“They were year-round, most recently in Brevard County, so a lot of our teachers there can speak on how amazing the schedule will be for them,” said Board Chair Megan Wright. “You have a lot of families who were a part of that school system, so they understand how year-round works, and they’re very excited to bring it back there.”


CLICK HERE for Year-Round Calendar


The new year-round calendar, starting on July 22, brings exciting changes. The first two-week break, known as an intercession, is scheduled to begin on September 23, offering students a refreshing pause early in the year. The calendar also includes a week off for Thanksgiving, providing a well-deserved break, and two weeks off for Winter Break, allowing for quality family time, which is in line with the traditional BP's traditional school calendar. The second two-week intercession for students begins on March 10, offering a mid-year breather.


The last school day for students in the 2024-2025 school year is May 28, 2025.



Posted 2/13/24