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District's Discipline Numbers Shows Success and Room for Growth

Thanks to the school board's proactive leadership, BPS staff has witnessed significant improvements this year in discipline. 


These include enhanced communication, streamlined processes, and increased follow-throughs, all of which are outcomes of the board's review and update of the district's discipline policies.


During a School Board Work Session, Superintendent Dr. Rendell said it best when he declared that the district is in a better spot this year on discipline than last year.


The impact of the updated discipline policies is not just a claim but a reality that our school bus drivers can attest to. An overwhelming 89% of them have reported that discipline referrals are now processed faster than before. Moreover, 99% of our drivers feel confident handling disciplinary events on the bus, a significant improvement. Additionally, 86% of bus drivers have expressed that reporting incidents to supervisors is now  more streamlined and efficient.


During a work session on the district discipline plan and results, the school board heard this and more information.


School administrators overwhelmingly say discipline procedures are more evident than in the past and that monthly training updates ensure they can follow the board's policies.


Our efforts to improve reporting procedures have yielded positive results. Through the third quarter, which ended March 31st, we have seen a 19% increase in the number of referrals written this school year compared to last year. This increase is a testament to the improved reporting procedures instituted by the school district.


Other actions the school district takes include:

  • Monthly transportation meetings between school bus drivers and supervisors.
  • Monthly community input at the District Discipline Workgroup meetings.
  • Monthly meetings with the Brevard Federation of Teachers to address concerns.
  • A revamped Student Code of Conduct.


The district's next steps include more staff training on student behavior, coaching, and mentoring staff, and continued discipline training. The district will also survey administrators and school bus drivers on discipline procedures and develop in-person and online training modules.


The school board and district are unwavering in their commitment to providing our students and staff with the best educational and work environments. We are dedicated to ensuring that classrooms remain a safe place for learning. This commitment will continue to drive us to improve our discipline processes, as we believe that a safe learning environment is the foundation of academic success.



Posted 4.16.24