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Brevard Public Schools Launches Over 180 Summer Enrichment Programs

Brevard County, June 10, 2024 – As summer commences, Brevard Public Schools (BPS) rolls out robust summer programs geared to cater to the diverse needs and interests of all students. While students eagerly anticipate their break, parents and caregivers often face the challenge of finding engaging activities to fill the summer days without breaking the bank. To answer this community-wide need, BPS proudly presents its Summer Enrichment Programs as an affordable and enriching solution.


Running from June 3rd to 27th, these programs offer a wide range of opportunities for students of all ages, including those from private schools, charter schools, and homeschools. Each program can run anywhere from 1-4 weeks in length based on the facilitating teacher’s content proposal and program agenda. With over 180 unique programs spread throughout the county, students can explore various interests while enhancing their team building and leadership skills.


"We are thrilled to provide the Summer Enrichment program for the third consecutive year in Brevard County," says Frank Stockman, Assistant Director for Curriculum and Instruction. "These programs not only allow our exceptional teachers to share their passions with students but also foster a sense of community and inclusivity among children from diverse backgrounds."


Families who enroll their children in the Summer Enrichment Programs will benefit from various perks, including no-cost enrollment, transportation options based on location, complimentary breakfast and lunch, and a wide variety of program offerings.


The rising costs of summer camps, averaging $178 per day according to the American Camp Association, pose financial challenges for many families. BPS's Summer Enrichment Programs offer much-needed relief, ensuring that all youth in Brevard County have access to enriching summer activities.


BPS is proud to offer these opportunities not only to students within the public school district but to all youth across Brevard County. These programs provide an avenue for students from all schools and walks of life to connect and work together in engaging programs tailored to their personal interests.


To learn more about BPS’s Summer Enrichment Programs and explore the complete list of offerings, please visit:  [ ].


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Posted June 10, 2024