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School Board calls on Florida Department of Environmental Protection for regulatory standards

The Brevard County School Board just passed a resolution (5-0) calling on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to adopt regulatory standards for polyfluoroalkyl substances in drinking water, groundwater, recreational water use, and fish consumption. Two such human-made compounds -- PFOA and PFOS, for short -- have been linked to cancer and were detected in well water at Patrick Air Force Base, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and cities north and south of there. The compounds were used in firefighting foam at the military installations. Florida has no drinking-water limits on them, and there are no government guidelines for ground water from wells.

BPS uses ground water to irrigate sports fields at night, and skin contact is not believed to be a significant cause of absorbtion. (Tests of drinking water from all beachside schools found no detectable traces of PFOA or PFOS.) But BPS wants to be certain its students and staff are safe. The school board joins the City of Satellite Beach, so far, in calling for state to regulate and test for these contaminants.

See the resolution here: