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Brevard Zoo Partnership

Sabal has partnered with the Brevard Zoo to get 3rd and 6th grade students reading and learning about science. Students will read science books of thier choice. Each 3rd and 5th grader will receive their own science book. Third graders will get a copy of the Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor and fifth graders will receive the Oceans of Florida. Every teacher will receive a digital subscription of Zoobooks for a year

The Brevard Zoo will take all the students on a field trip to learn about nature in our local community. The Brevard Zoo will come to deliver one ocean themed program to the school which will focus on manatees and children will get to assemble a real manatee skeleton. Students and families will also be invited to a family nature club. Stacey Claridge is the staff member who is coordinating between the Brevard Zoo and Sabal.