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BPS Updates

On Tuesday, 10/27, the school board voted to extend the use of face coverings per the emergency policy put into place on August 11, 2020, which states: “When social distancing (defined as 6-feet) cannot be adhered to, it is required that students, staff, visitors, and vendors wear a face covering with certain approved exceptions.”


This policy will continue to remain in effect until otherwise directed by the Superintendent, and at his discretion, as designated by the board.


  • The student dress code applies to face coverings and only the nose and mouth should be covered, not the full face.


  • All bus riders are required to wear a face covering at all times.


  • Face coverings will continue to be strongly recommended for students in Pre-K through Grade 2, but not required.


Face Shields

Additionally, the school board voted to amend language in the emergency policy pertaining to the use of face shields. Effective immediately, face shields will no longer be permitted as an alternative to, or in combination with, a mask. Faculty and students are only permitted to use a face shield, in lieu of a mask, when the instruction requires the ability to see the face of the student and/or the teacher or with an applicable exemption.


We will be updating our Reopening Plan and other related materials in the coming days and will house them on our COVID-19 resource page at


Thank you for your continued flexibility and compliance with these emergency protocols, as we work together to keep our students and staff healthy and safe.