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Athletic Clearance

Satellite High School


All interested athletes must complete athletic paperwork (EL2/EL3) online on before participating (tryout/practice/competition). The process to complete your athletic paperwork can be found below:

  • Go to (be sure to click Florida)
  • Click Register (found at the bottom of the page)
    • There is a video tutorial on the homepage that we recommend you to watch (this will explain the entire process)
  • Complete all registration information and click Submit
  • Type in the activation code that is provided and click Submit
  • You will now be in your home page profile and click "Start Clearance Now"
  • Select the school yea / the school / the sport you are registering for
    • Complete all information on Step #1
    • Have insurance provider and Policy information available
    • Have Primary Physician and Physician's phone number available
    • Click the accurate box in "Education History"
    • Click "Save"
  • Complete all information on Step #2
    • Click Download Physical/EL2 Form Here (Take that form to your primary care physician/walk-in clinic to have a physical performed)
    • Scan the completed physical form to your computer and upload it with the "Choose File" button
    • If you do not have a scanner, this can be done with a cell phone picture (Be sure to take a picture of BOTH pages of the physical side-by-side. will allow you upload only one file so both pages need to be visible)
    • If you are having difficulties uploading the physical with a scanner or cell phone photo, please bring the photo in to your coach and they will assist you
    • Click Save
    • Fill out all medical information with a "Yes" or "No"
    • Click Save
  • Complete all information on Step #3
    • Fill out all Parent/Guardian information
    • Fill out all "Other Emergency Contact Information"
    • The NCSA question at the bottom is optional. If you do not want multiple emails/phone calls click "No Thanks" (This will not jeopardize your child's chance to play sports in college)
  • Complete all necessary information on Step #4
    • Please read Statement of Consent, SHS Ejection Policy, Parental Authorization and Acknowledgement of Risks, and Consent and Release from Liability (Parent and Student both electronically sign)
    • Click Submit
  • Complete Step #5
    • Donation is optional or click "Skip to Confirmation"
  • Final Process is to print confirmation page, save for your records, and click each additional sport that you might be interested in playing

If you have any questions regarding the Athletic Clearance process, please email the Satellite High School Athletic Director, T.J. Gaudy at