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10 Tips for a Great First Day of School!

 First day of School


Many children are jittery on the first day of school. Listed are ways to prepare your child for the big day!


-Read books about school.


-Talk to other children about school, especially siblings or neighborhood

friends. These “experts” can help answer any questions your child might ask.


-Visit the school and the classroom prior to the first day.


-Introduce your child to the new teacher before the first day of school.


-Use structure to foster independence.


*Establish a regular bedtime at least two weeks before the start of



*Establish an unhurried morning routine to help your child get ready-

and feel ready-to take on the school day.


-Practice the school drop-off and pick-up procedure with your child.


-Play school! Role play imagined school scenes, such as asking restroom

permission or walking quietly in the hall.


-Transitional objects encourage and support the child through the school day.


*Select school supplies together, such as backpacks or lunchboxes.


*Place a family photo or special note inside your child’s lunchbox.


-Plan to say good-bye quickly. Children are quick to “pick up” signs of

hesitation by parents and may become upset. MAKE THE SEPARATION CLEAN.”


-Take a short time out at the end of the day and discuss your child’s big



Congratulations! You made it through Day One!