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E-Learners Sign up for Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring- Progress monitoring is an important part of tracking your student’s progress and vital to quality instruction. Our English and Math students will be progress monitored using Reading Plus and MAPS Growth. We are currently administering these to students to gain important data of where they are currently in English or Math skills. This data will be used to provide necessary interventions to students to aide in their high school success and graduation! We will administer Reading Plus and MAP assessments 3 times a year to provide much needed ongoing data of student success.


Part of the E-Learning Contract that you signed during registration stated the following: I will coordinate with school officials so that my student may participate in all state required progress monitoring opportunities (ie: MAP).


If your student has not taken the Reading Plus Placement Assessment, students should complete the following steps from home:


  • Sign onto a computer. 
  • Open CHROME. 
  • Go to the Reading Plus student log-in site.
  • Enter the Site Code astrohs
  • Your username is your STUDENT NUMBER
  • Your password is your STUDENT NUMBER


IF this does not work, slowly retype it one more time. The program is set up to automatically start with the benchmark assessment, and takes 45-60 minutes to complete.  Please do not go on to any Reading Plus activities/lessons after the benchmark. WHEN YOU SEE A GREEN AND WHITE CIRCLE WITH A CHECK-MARK IN IT, PLEASE EXIT OUT.  We will be able to share a grade level equivalent in Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension when the assessment is complete.


MAPS Growth-Students who are currently in, or are scheduled for, the following Math classes this year MUST take the MAPS Growth Progress Monitoring Tool on our campus.


  • Algebra 1
  • Liberal Arts Math
  • Geometry
  • Geometry Honors


E-Learners use the following link to sign up for a date and lab that is convenient: