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PBIS Gold Model School

Sunrise Elementary is a PBIS Gold Model School. 



Sunrise Elementary School has been implementing Florida’s Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) project which supports the recognition of positive behaviors while intervening to correct problem behaviors.  This project is a collaborative, research-based approach used to develop a positive culture in our school and the community.  PBIS emphasizes reinforcement of positive behaviors thereby promoting meaningful and durable behaviors needed throughout life.  The overall goal is to build a safe environment in which positive behavior is most effective.  Individual relationships, both with peers and adults, allow for more academic instruction and overall success.  We are continuing the theme for our Sunrise Standards of “Be Safe, Work Hard, and Be Nice” as the basis for examining all behaviors at Sunrise and beyond.  Students demonstrating the Sunrise Standards can be recognized through receiving one of the Thumbs-up charms.  Students can also be recognized by all staff members for making positive choices and may receive a “specialty” charm.  As they accumulate these positive behavior charms they will have the opportunity to trade them in at the PBIS store scheduled during the school year.  Our PBIS theme is also used in our Classroom Attendance Recognition, School-wide Awards Program, Science Fair, Reader and Mathematician of the Month and for other recognitions as developed through the school year.  This is our sixth year of commitment to this program and Sunrise invites our parents and community to recognize students exhibiting positive behaviors.


Special Incentives

  • Awards Programs - are conducted for all grade levels to recognize Student of the Month, Principal’s Award, Outstanding Achievement, PBIS and Special Recognition. Please check the calendar for these special days
  • Attendance Recognition – each month classes who have a 95% or greater attendance average are given a certificate to display. The class with the highest percentage total earns the traveling “Trophy” to be displayed in the classroom for that month.  Also the class with the highest percentage earns a “specialty” Trophy Token for each class member.
  • PBIS Token Economy - is a school wide program which encourages and recognizes students with Thumbs-up charms and “specialty” charms for those students who demonstrate our PBIS Sunrise Standards
  • Positive Referrals- special acknowledgement of student (s) going above and beyond our PBIS Sunrise Standards. Students are given a certificate, a specialty charm and have their names announced on our morning news.
  • Teacher Incentives-Teachers have individual incentives to reward students who display appropriate behaviors on a regular basis. These incentives are designed to motivate students to follow classroom rules and are not intended to punish students who are not successful in complying with the rules.  Questions concerning the classroom incentives should be directed to the classroom teacher.



Our primary responsibility is to develop skills, concepts, attitudes and values to enable the child to realize success as a responsible adult.  A sound philosophy must consider the child as the focal point of the educational process.

We strive to provide a curriculum that stimulates all students to reach their potential in the skills of reading, mathematics, and written communication. Our students are continuously developing at various rates.  Therefore, we must share the responsibility with the parents and the students for their social, emotional, and physical development. We must work together to encourage good decision-making and hold students accountable for their decisions.  It is our goal to provide students with the best possible education in a warm and caring environment. It is our firm belief that little or no teaching can occur when a student is allowed to be disruptive. Teacher and parent communication is crucial to our successCommunication between teacher and parent is vital to a child’s school experience and transition from home to school.  Be sure to read all notes and newsletters that come home in your child’s backpack.  Parent involvement in the child’s education is very important for the strength of our school and potential growth in your child.  Take the time to attend class and school events, volunteer, and attend parent/teacher conferences.  Working together as a team and being positive role models will help your child to be successful at Sunrise.

Sunrise standards chart