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Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

As a reminder, students are not allowed to use cell phones or other mobile devices at school unless it is part of an organized educational BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) activity.  The BYOT activities are generally implemented in the upper grades (5th and 6th).  BYOT requires a signed BYOT permission form before personal devices may be used for “instructional purposes…, with the teacher’s permission and supervision and the permission of the administrator.” BYOT must be initiated by the teacher.


According to the district Cell Phone Contract (click link), student must have their phones (or other mobile devices) turned off during the school day.  They may not be on or used between the school bells (7:30am through 2:42).  So, from the time they arrive on campus until the time they leave, cell phones must be off and put away.  Any student in possession of a cell phone must have a signed contract on file for thatphone.  Violations may result in confiscation and loss of privilege.



Students may not turn-on or use personal cell phones or mobile devices from the time they arrive until the time they leave school campus unless it is a part of the BYOT program.  These devices are never allowed to be on or used on BPS school buses.


Cell phone reminders are being broadcast on SunNews (beginning 8/25/2016).