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WMSS Stellar Student Art Work on display at Melbourne Mall! Click for Story!

West Melbourne artists are on display at the annual Melbourne Square Mall Student Art Show. The show runs from January 26th through February 8th, and is located inside the mall in the main corridor, near Dick’s Sporting Goods and Bath and Body Works. Please take your child to see his or her masterpiece. The entire show is amazing and well worth the visit!


Congratulations and thanks always for your support of the West Melbourne School for Science Art Program.


Featured Artists:

K: Julie C. and Aida F.

1st: Ethan V., Luke F., Kayden S., and Jaxon D.

2nd: Eva S. and Carston C.

3rd: Shreyansh G.

4th: Ava B.

5th: Maddon V. and Bentli S. 

6th: Meghana G.; Hope G.; Sammy O.; Nikhil P.; Elena K. and Alice L.; and Willow K., Caroline G., Abigail F. and Avanelle S.