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Crafting Connections for Students

Crafting Connections for Students

For the 5th Graders at West Melbourne School for Science, English Language Arts class has been elevated due to a virtual connection with a famous children’s author. 

The class selected Gordon Korman’s book The Unteachables as a beginning year read aloud because the author writes in a style where each chapter is told by a different narrator. This has allowed the teacher to reinforce certain ELA standards about point of view and shows the class how an event can be seen from different angles. In addition, it has helped build classroom community because the students better understand how one person sees something one way, but another might see it totally differently.”

After seeing how excited his students were, the teacher wrote to Mr. Korman.  While an actual visit with the author was not possible, Mr. Korman took the time to create a virtual shoutout for the WMSS 5th graders. 

The virtual shoutout can be viewed at