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LEGO Team Earns Awards

Congrtulations to all of our Lego teams for taking home awards!

Shooting Stars (Challenge):  Mark, Adam, Abby , Wyatt , Daniella , Aneeqa

Champion’s Award

This is the most prestigious award given. Best in show. 

This award celebrates a team that embodies the FIRST ® LEGO® League Challenge experience, by fully embracing

our Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in Robot Performance, Robot Design and the Innovation Project.  

Robot Performance Award

This award celebrates a team that scores the most points during the Robot Game. Teams have a chance to compete in at least three 2.5-minute matches and their highest score.  With a score of 360 points, the Shooting Stars commanded the lead by 75 points over the runner up. 

The Shooting Stars will be advancing to the Regional Competition, taking place the week of May 1, with awards announced on May 8. 


Fireballs (Explore):  Micha, David, Dallen, and Vincent 

Coding Award

This award celebrates the team who used effective coding to make their model interactive, and for displaying excellent communication skills to explain it.  The Fireballs used a motion sensor to active an accessible elevator to help people reach the top of the slide. 


Rising Stars (Explore):  Kate, Devon , and Tyler 

Team Model Award

This award celebrates creativity and innovation in the team model.  The Rising Stars created a park with multiple zones to accommodate various ages and abilities.  They used a motion sensor to activate a carousel for children to play on.