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Brevard Virtual Art Show

Congratulations to the following artists whose artwork was chosen to be displayed in the Brevard County School Board Virtual Art Show!

Only four pieces, from each school, were chosen for display.  So this is a huge honor, especially since WMSS is so full of talented artists!

Jordyn C., Kindergarten


Trent C., 1st Grade


Arya K., 4th Grade


Madilyn N., 6th Grade



The annual School Board Art Show is an exhibition highlighting the outstanding works of student art that are products of the dynamic art curriculum in Brevard County schools. The work submitted reflects the high standards held within our County Visual Arts Programs. This is a tremendous honor for your child, as each school may only exhibit four pieces of student art from the entire school! This year, 3 of our 4 WMSS artists earned awards! They are as follows:

 Trent C., 1st Grade Special Recognition Award (K-2 artists earn these awards, instead of place awards.)

 Arya K., 2nd Place for 4th Grade 2-D

 Madilyn N., Merit Award 6th Grade 2-D

 Our other participant was Kindergartener Jordyn C., who will receive a Participation Certificate. Way to shine, WMSS Artists!