Parent and Student Information


Florida State Law requires that all students attend 180 school days a year. It is the responsibility of the parents and students to attend school regularly. Please review the following regulations to help with any attendance questions you may have. 


  • Kindergarten students must be in attendance for a minimum of 162 days. The principal may deny promotion if a student does not meet this criteria…
  • All K-6 students must attend a minimum of four (4) hours of instructional time to be considered present each day. (Chronic absences of partial days will count towards unexcused absences.)
  • A student in grades 1-6 who is absent more than nine (9) days unexcused within a semester may not receive a passing grade for the semester. Documentation pertaining to a student's absences will be kept on file in the attendance office. Medical documentation for an absence/absences will be excused.
  • On days designated as religious holidays, students may request prior approval to be absent from school for personal and family observance.
  • Audubon Elementary has established an Attendance Appeal Committee to address specific situations if needed. 

If a student is absent you will receive an automated call confirming the absence. 


If a student is chronically tardy, the parent will be notified and the student may lose the privilege of “Walk & Talk” for each day tardy. 

A.M. Schedule

Teacher work day begins                      7:30 AM
Students may enter class                     7:50 AM
Classes begin                                      8:00 AM 

For safety reasons, students are not permitted on campus prior to 7:31 AM 

Dress Code

The School Advisory Council developed the following dress code for Audubon students, and it is aligned with the district student dress code.   We hope you will insure your child’s/children’s compliance with the dress code. The administration reserves the right to request a child to change anything that he/she considers distracting. Thank you in advance for your support as we continue to create a good learning environment for your child/children.

  • Footwear must be worn at all times. Non-platform sneakers or soft-soled shoes (not jellies) are required for Physical Education. (This is necessary for reasons of safety and PE Program requirements.) Flipflops, heelies, or other “roller” shoes and other similar footwear with one toe strap or high-heeled shoes are prohibited.
  • Bare midriff, halter-top, bare back, spaghetti strap and tank-top clothing are prohibited. In addition, midriffs should not be shown when students raise their arms. Straps must be a minimum of 1½ inches in width.
  • See-through and low-cut blouses and shirts are prohibited.
  • Appropriate undergarments are required. Undergarments should not be visible or outside of regular clothing.
  • Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh or longer in length. (Fingertip length when standing will usually satisfy this criterion.) Cut off shorts must be neat and even in fringe. Jogging or swim trunk type shorts are prohibited.
  • Other modes of dress, including inappropriate T-shirt emblems and quotations are prohibited.
  • The use of make-up is discouraged at the elementary level. Applying make-up at school is prohibited.
  • Students are discouraged from wearing expensive jewelry to school. Pierced jewelry shall be limited to the ears. Dangling earrings and multiple rings and chains are prohibited in P.E. classes and other activities. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen jewelry.
  • Hats/caps or sunglasses are not to be worn inside the school building.
  • Large or baggy clothes which may be a safety hazard may not be worn. Pants and shorts shall be worn at the waist and shall have no holes or rips.
  • Extreme hairstyles and hair color that is disruptive or does not allow direct eye contact is prohibited.  

The Audubon School Advisory Council, principal and staff support the Dress Code and ask for your support. The intent of the code is to help eliminate distracting factors and, thereby, assist the school in providing a more studious and safe atmosphere for your child. 


Children who live 2 miles or more from the school are transported by bus. Students are eligible to ride their assigned bus only. (Non-bus students are not allowed to ride the bus to a friend’s home.)


The school is NOT responsible for damage to or theft of any bicycle brought to school. The bike rack will be locked only during school hours, 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM. It is requested that students who ride bicycles to school use locks for security reasons. Parents should instruct their children in safety rules for riding bicycles and walking to school. Bicycles must be walked from the street to the bike rack, and bicycle helmets must be worn to and from school. Failure to wear bike helmets may result in the loss of bike riding privileges. 

School staff will be available to help the children in the morning and afternoon at the south end exit of the parking lot. 

Skateboards & Scooters

Students who ride skateboards and scooters to school are encouraged to wear helmets for their safety. All skateboards and scooters must be left in the bicycle rack area. Provisions for locking them are the student’s responsibility. Audubon Elementary will not be responsible for the loss or theft of skateboards or scooters. Skateboards must be carried and scooters walked from the street to the bike rack. 

School Safety Patrol

The school safety patrol consists of boys and girls from the 5th and 6th grades. Their primary function is to assist in implementing a safe arrival and departure for our pupils. These boys and girls donate their time for this purpose. They arrive at school earlier and leave later than other students. We sincerely appreciate their help and ask that you show your appreciation by always giving them your full cooperation and respect. 

Accident Concerns

All accidents occurring at school must be reported to the office. School accident insurance is optional. Each student is supplied with an accident insurance application and information regarding coverage and rates at registration. It is the parent's responsibility to provide insurance for a student in case of an accident at school. 

Speed Limit

The speed limit for all cars on the Audubon Elementary School grounds is 5 mph


Parents who wait at arrival to walk their child to class are only permitted to wait in the courtyard by the cafeteria. This ensures safety and security for all students, parents and teachers prior to the start of school at 7:50 AM. Students should not arrive on campus prior to 7:31AM.

  • At 8:00 AM every morning all of the gates to the school will be closed and locked. This includes the gates across from the car drop-off loop, the walk through gates by the bus loop, and the main gate at the front courtyard.  Students arriving after 8:00 AM will need to have their parent sign him/her in at the front office where they can receive their tardy slip. Students CANNOT sign themselves in.
  • All school visitors will check in at the front office before proceeding to the classrooms. Visitors will be issued a visitor’s tag to be worn at all times.
  • School personnel will be asked to stop anyone in the building who is not wearing proper tags, so please be sure and stop in the office and pick up a visitor’s tag. 

Dismissal Procedures

Parents will not be permitted to sign out a student from 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM unless written proof is presented for a medical appointment. Please do not call to ask for your child to wait in the Office if signing him/her out early for an appointment. Valuable instructional time is wasted when the student sits in the Office waiting for you. We will call for your child when you arrive. Thank you for your cooperation with this important procedure. 

Dismissal times for grades K - 6 are as follows:

Bus students & childcare – bus loop                              2:30 PM
Car riders – north side of school                                   2:30 PM
Bike riders                                                                  2:37 PM
Walkers                                                                      2:37 PM 

Drop-Off Procedures 

The north drive-through lane is available for parents to drop-off students in the morning. Parents are asked that cars pull through to the end of the drop-off area before unloading their children. This will allow space for cars to drop-off and speed up the traffic flow. Parents will need to use the entire car loop in the morning. Parents are not permitted to walk in the car loop at arrival or dismissal times to ensure the safety of everyone. 

Pick-Up Procedures

The gates to the bus loop and the front courtyard area will open at 2:30 every afternoon.  Please do not leave your car unattended at any point in the pick-up loop, bus loop, or area in front of the school. 

Car pick-up procedures

The north loop of the school is the ONLY location where children can be picked-up in the afternoon. Please follow these safety rules when picking-up your students:

  • Parents are required to display a car tag displaying the student’s last name(s) to ensure students are released to the correct parent/authorized adult. If the parent or adult does not have the car tag, he/she will be directed to drive around to the front office.
  • Cars must only load from the curbside.
  • Cars must stay out of the bus area in the front of the school.
  • Once cars have been loaded they are free to pull out to the left of remaining cars and exit the school area. Please use extreme caution when leaving the school area. 

Never leave your car unattended in the pick-up lane. 

In person pick-up procedures

Parents parking in the front lot must walk to the building, using only the crosswalk, to meet their child. NO CHILDREN will be allowed to travel to waiting cars unless escorted by an adult. 


Paved parking is available on the north side of the entry road. Parents who wish to park on the right side of the entry road must use the sidewalk to walk with their children to school. Students and parents will not be allowed to walk across the pick-up lanes or through the entry roadway. Parking is prohibited in the “island area” north of the building and in the Lighthouse Christian Church parking lot across the street.

An overflow parking lot is located northwest of the school. However, parents parking in this lot will need to walk to the front of the school (outside the gates) to check in at the front office. 


The clinic has a direct telephone line. Please call 454-3500 if you need to speak with anyone in the clinic. The clinic is open from 7:45 AM – 2:30 PM every school day. The clinic will be closed daily from 1:15 – 1:45 for lunch. The clinic is located in the Front Office. 


Medications which are PRESCRIPTION items must be in the original prescription container, with exact administration times on the label (example: we cannot administer medication that states…given 3 times daily; it must specify exact times). Over the counter medication can only be given for 10 days without written consent from a doctor. Parents MUST complete documentation before any medication will be administered by school personnel. According to Board Policy, students are prohibited from carrying ANY medications with them at any time. A parent or adult must bring in and /or pick up all unused medications. Do not send anything that may be considered medication, including cough drops to school with your child. This policy is in effect for the safety of your child as well as other children who might have potential access to the medication. 

Sick Children

Students who are ill or injured will be brought to the school clinic. Parents will be asked to pick up the children with elevated temperatures, upset stomachs, and other injuries not treatable with a band-aid or ice pack. We ask that you PLEASE be certain that the school office has your current telephone number and back-up number of someone we may call if you are not available. 

Controlling Head Lice

The following administrative procedure will be used when a student at school is observed to be infested with head lice:

  • The parents of the student will be contacted to take the child home for treatment.
  • A letter to the parents or an information sheet describing suggested treatment will be provided by the school.
  • For a student to be readmitted to school following head lice infestation, he/she must show evidence of initial treatment for head lice (box top from medication, note from parent or physician).
  • The student will be reexamined 8-10 days following the initial treatment. If the student is observed to be infested with head lice, the procedure will be repeated. 

If the child is absent for more than 3 days or sent home from school because of lack of treatment more than 3 times, a referral will be made to the school health nurse or resource teacher for attendance to discover the reason and to encourage cooperation of the family. 


When parents and teachers work together, they make an unbeatable team. Parent conferences can help build the teamwork that helps children learn better. Some planning by parents can help make conferences a success. 

Before the conference

Come in with a positive attitude. Conferences are not about placing blame. They are meant to pinpoint and improve weak areas as well as defining and praising the strong areas. Remember this is a team effort.

Try and be on time. Because there is a time limit on conferences, being punctual aids both teachers and parents.

Think about what you want to learn in the conference. Prepare some questions. For example:

  • Does my child usually turn in homework?
  • Does my child use time well? Does he/she have good work habits?
  • How well does he/she get along with others?
  • What can I do at home to support what you are doing? How can I help my child?

Talk to your child. Ask what he/she thinks the teacher will say. Ask if he/she has any concerns. 

During the conference

Be prepared to talk and listen. Tell the teacher what you see at home. Talk about your child’s interests. Tactfully talk about your concerns. Be sure to let the teacher know about anything that might affect your child’s learning.

Ask the teacher to explain anything you don’t understand. Special programs for children are sometimes referred to by their initials.

Use your time wisely. Try to avoid lengthy subject matter that would not pertain to your child’s learning.

Take notes to share later with your child and/or spouse. Talk with your child about what was discussed in the conference. Remember to “accentuate the positive”. 

After the conference

Follow up. Stay in touch with the teacher. If you think of a question you didn’t ask, write a note or call the teacher and leave a message. The teacher will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Reporting System

Report cards are issued to students at the end of each 9-week grading period. The report card envelope should be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the teacher the following school day after it is issued. Parents will also be sent interim reports at the mid-point of each grading period.

 Edline is an online system parents use to check their student’s grades and teacher communication. 

Concerns/Guidelines in Resolving School Related Problems

It is our sincere belief that the large majority of misunderstandings and problems can be resolved through discussion between the parent and the teacher and/or other appropriate school personnel. These guidelines are designed to provide a “step-by-step” procedure for parents when they are attempting to resolve a misunderstanding or problem. You should make every effort to gather accurate facts before contacting the school. It may help to have the concern described in writing. If the concern is not resolved to your satisfaction after meeting or talking with the teacher, you should go to the next step.

  • Call the principal of the school and ask him/her to establish a conference with the appropriate person at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Schedule a conference with the principal. 

We are pleased that most concerns are satisfactorily resolved by talking with the teacher. The other steps are provided for you as additional means of resolving your problems or concerns. Misunderstandings and problems will more likely be resolved if they are approached in a positive and courteous manner with recommendations that are realistic. 

Your school staff is here to do the best job possible with your child. We can provide many educational opportunities, but it is done best when we work together as parents and teachers. 

Teacher Contact

CLASSROOMS WILL NOT BE INTERRUPTED TO GIVE MESSAGES TO THE TEACHER. If you need to contact one of the teachers, please call the office at 452-2085 and leave your name and phone number where you can be reached during the day as well as in the evening. Teachers are encouraged to check their boxes for messages and return calls as soon as they possibly can. You may also choose to visit Audubon’s website (via the district website and then email your child’s teacher. Teachers are busily preparing for the school day between 7:30 AM – 7:50 AM each day and only prearranged conferences are the appropriate time to see the teacher during this time period. 

Messages/Deliveries to Students

Due to safety reasons, as well as preserving instructional time, school policy restricts personnel from interrupting classrooms to relay messages to students. Please discuss alternate means of pick-up with your child in the event you will be unable to pick him/her up.

Sometimes students will forget a book, lunch money, special project, etc. and parents will bring it to school. Please BRING IT TO THE OFFICE AND NOT directly to the classroom. The front office will not interrupt classroom time to call the students up to the office. If your child has forgotten something, please advise him/her to check with the front office to see if it has been dropped off for them (preferably their lunchtime). 

School Telephone

The telephone may be used by students in emergency cases only. 

Policy on Returned Checks

If you have an outstanding returned check, the school will not accept any checks, for any reason, until the outstanding check is made good. Any payment made to the school will need to be either by cash or money order. There is a $10.00 fee on all returned checks. 

Change of Address/Telephone

It is most important that parents notify the school immediately of any change in address or telephone number. Unlisted numbers will be held in confidence when requested. 

Withdrawal of Students

If you are moving and are withdrawing your child from school, please call or come by the school a few days prior to the withdrawal date. This will give ample time to complete the necessary paperwork. Your cooperation is always greatly appreciated. 

Care of Textbooks/Library Books

Students are responsible for all textbooks and library books issued to them during the school year. All lost or damaged books must be paid to the proper fund for replacement purposes. If a lost book is found, money paid will be refunded. 

Chewing Gum

Gum chewing is prohibited in any part of the school building or on school grounds. 

Lost & Found

Any article found by a student should be turned in to the lost and found cart located outside of the cafeteria. Any article not reclaimed by its owner within a reasonable length of time will be disposed to local charities. 


On registration day teachers will provide a list of supplies your child will need. An alternative to accessing these lists is via Audubon’s website. 

Field Trips

  • We strongly encourage students to stay the remainder of the school day upon returning from a field trip.
  • Parents are asked to help with the expense of field trips.
  • Selection and number of chaperones and drivers accompanying field trips shall be the discretion of the teacher with the approval of the principal. Chaperones must complete the volunteer application in order to attend field trips. For some trips, volunteers will need fingerprinting.
  • Only vehicles meeting county safety guidelines may be used to transport students. Drivers MUST provide proof of insurance and vehicle registration along with a valid Florida Driver’s License to the front office and completed fingerprinting BEFORE the day of the scheduled field trip.
  • Parents will be asked to sign a field trip form for every field trip.
  • Teachers will notify parents in writing prior to each specific field trip.
  • ALL students must ride the school-designated mode of transportation both to and from the field trip destination.
  • Parents who are not official chaperones may NOT go on the field trip or pick up children before the field trip ends at school.
  • Parents who are official chaperones may NOT bring siblings on the field trip.
  • PARENTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO SIGN OUT THEIR STUDENT AT THE END OF A FIELD TRIP. ALL STUDENTS MUST RETURN TO AUDUBON’S CAMPUS AND THEN DISMISS FROM SCHOOL. * District Policy-Procedures and Criteria for Field Trips: Transportation (p.3, Number 4) “Travel will begin and end at the school. Students will not be picked up or let off at other locations.”


Hot lunches are served in the cafeteria at the cost of $1.70 daily. Our cafeteria provides, as a service to you, prepaid lunch purchases.     Parents may opt to prepay online. (Information is given at registration and also available in the front office.) (Students do not have to eat a hot lunch every day to use prepay. Days not used are carried over throughout the school year.)

Prepaid lunch costs are as follows: (subject to increase)


  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly (based on 20 days)

Full Pay

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly (based on 20 days) 

Breakfast is also served free of charge to all students in the cafeteria daily. 

Checks are to be made payable to Audubon Elementary School Cafeteria 

Prepayment often saves many tears due to lost money. Please send all cash money to school in a sealed envelope, labeled with your child’s first and last name along with their teacher’s name.

PLEASE designate into which account you would like the money placed: Lunch Account or Cash Account (money placed in cash account may be used for lunch or snacks). 

Applications for the free or reduced lunch program are available in the school office or Online Free or Reduced Lunch Application:

Cell Phones

A permission slip is required prior to a student bringing a cell phone on campus. Students’ cell phones are only permitted on campus with parent consent AND the cell phone must remain turned off from 7:50 AM – 2:30 PM.

Failure to comply with the district policy stated will result in the loss of this privilege. 

Rainy Day Schedule

Parents should tell their children what to do when the school dismisses in inclement weather. Limited phone lines prohibit students from calling home. They need to know what to do IN ADVANCE of inclement weather. 

Audubon Elementary PTO

The school year will be full of fun activities around our campus. Many of these activities cannot take place without the help of the P.T.O. When your family donates to PTO, you show your support to bring programs, equipment and extras to Audubon that we may not have otherwise. Meetings are scheduled throughout the school year and are listed on this monthly calendar. You are welcome to join us at any time and contact us at: