Important Information for FLORIDA RETIREES ONLY

Retirements include members retiring after participating in DROP.


Retirements with an effective date on or after 07/01/2010 may not be reemployed for 6 calendar months.


Reemployed retirees will have a reemployment limitation period for the following 6 calendar months (months 7 -12) where they will have to suspend their pension benefits (There are no reemployment exceptions).


Brevard Public schools will not rehire a Florida State Retiree for 1 year from the date of their first distribution.


To determine your rehire eligibility, please complete this form - Retirement Form


Please print the form, write your phone number on the form, sign it and fax to 321.633.3525 Attn: Substitute Department.


We will contact you with your eligible substitute date.