Hello, my Most AMAZING Artists! How are you today?

 Hello, my Most AMAZING Artists!

How are YOU today?


I hope you had a relaxing summer! I'm excited to be working with you in art this year, whether you are at home or in person!


STEAM BAG Supplies

For health reasons, we will not be using community art supplies this year. Instead, we are asking students to make a bag (or box) of supplies that they will bring with them to Art, Media, and the STEAM Lab. They can be the same supplies they use with their regular class, with a few special additions*:


crayons (16 - 24 colors)
glue bottle or glue sticks 
*8 pan watercolor set (Crayola or Prang)
*small set of oil pastels (avail. at Walmart, Target, office supply stores, craft stores--prices range from $2.97 +)
*fine or medium point black sharpie
Please do not spend a lot on the special supplies. For instance, siblings can even share a box of oil pastels, by picking out two or three of their favorite colors to keep in their bags. Let me know if you have a problem getting any of these supplies.
Everybody will be using a sketchbook this year, to keep us from having to worry about passing papers back and forth.
3rd-6th graders will have purchased a sketchbook during registration (or will use their old one from last year.)
K-2nd graders will use a FREE teacher-made sketchbook.
E-learners should have picked up your sketchbook during registration when picking up your other materials. If we missed you, then rest assured, it is up at the front office for pick up. Otherwise, you will have to get your own or use whatever paper you have available to you.
In-person students will receive their sketchbooks from me when I see you in class!

Google Classroom and FOCUS 

 E-Learners will be using FOCUS and Google Classroom to access their art lessons. Sometimes I will post Assignments on Google Classroom, where they can attach a photo of their work. Sometimes I will post a video of a lesson demonstration. But often I will be meeting with students live on Zoom. Again, check Google Classroom during your Art Activity time for what's in store each day!

I can't wait to see what you create!



Now is also a perfect time to get familiar with our Artsonia online art gallery, if you haven't already. Look for the link on this page and check it out.

Many of your parents have already given permission for you to use this free and completely safe site, but if yours have not yet, I encourage them to do so, as we may be using it for some of our lessons. Have your parents email me for more information on how to give permission for Artsonia use.



 Keep in mind:


I make messes!

I make mistakes!

But deep inside, I've got what it takes! 



Tool Explosion